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8/04 || Arrival (top comment only) | Newt & Hermann | Capt. Aisha Ananke | Victor S. Court*
Arrives in a new world, hits the ground running. Makes new friends in Newt & Hermann. Leaves imPort liaison Ananke a voicemail regarding Modeus. Kits out De Chima #003 with a security system.

8/05 || George O'Malley | Newt & Hermann
Helps out a confused imPort who's meant to be dead. Stalks Hermann's network post for information.

8/08 || Newt & Hermann | Qubit*
Stalks Newt's post for information. Makes a Mirrornet post to get some information of his own. First visit to Kittler and Sons.

8/09 || Karen Starr | Mako Mori | Kon (Superboy)*
Interviews with Karen and gets some lab space. Greets Mako; Newt spills the beans on Porter project. Also, meets Kon.

8/10 || Lucifer | Alduin | Gogo Tomago*
What do you know, apparently supervillains are assholes. This surprises exactly no one. Also, meets Gogo.

8/11 || Max | Hermann*
First encounter with Max. Decides not to register with the government, for a lot of reasons. Also, makes Hermann a new laptop.

8/13 || Owen Burnett, Tony Stark
Visits StarkTech to assess their resources. Promptly gets in an argument with the CEO and leaves in a huff. Makes a note of the name Reed Richards, though.

8/15 || De Chima University Swear-In

Before attack: Hiro Hamada | Cisco Ramon | Baymax | Garrus Vakarian | Mako, George, Midnighter
After attack: Gogo Tomago | "Plutonian," "Modeus," Hazel | Thomas | Mako ("Bette") | Hulkling | Newt & Gottlieb | Peggy Carter

Swear-In and technology showcase goes to hell when a terrorist attacks with fear-inducing hallucinogens. Qubit believes for a while that Modeus and the Plutonian have returned, and he quite literally almost takes Hulkling's head off. In the end, 75 people die, and many more are wounded.

8/16 || Mitchell Hundred | Grey
Beginning to sort out what happened, and to prevent this from happening next time.

8/17 || Dorian Gray | Batman
Batman knew, and did nothing. Qubit's pretty mad about that.

8/19 || Hermann | Newt | Green Lantern | Power Girl
The man responsible for the attack is outed as Dr Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow. Qubit questions why more than one person knew about Scarecrow and failed to prevent the attack. He tries to get in with the Justice League via Power Girl, but she's not connected to them. (She is Superman's cousin, but he doesn't know him yet.)

8/21 || Scarecrow
Scarecrow surfaces on the network to gloat. He's being harbored by the Satanists, because of course he is.

8/26 || Max & Shadow
A griffin appears in downtown De Chima. Qubit, Shadow, and Max neutralize it.

8/29 || Puck
Puck claims responsibility for the griffin. Qubit goes off on him.


9/01 || Abigail Hobbs | George O'Malley | Jeff Winger
9/02 || Hisoka

Random conversations. Breakfast powers, finding out how George died, getting a free copy of Jeff's show, and Hisoka being weird.

9/04 || Tetsuo
Stops some crazy teenager from busting up Kittler & Sons, by making him a psionic resonator. Makes a note to follow up later, but doesn't.

9/06 || Max
Max accidentally portals into Qubit's lab and breaks a thing. Qubit doesn't get him in trouble, but is a little concerned about the direct access to his space.

9/07 || Jacob Taylor
Jacob dispenses some information about the relationships between RISE, Batman, and Archangel. Also mentions the Future Foundation, but Qubit's not super invested in medical applications.

9/08 || Isaac Clarke | Kanaya Maryam*
Chats with Isaac about future tech and stuff. Has a look at Kanaya's power nullifier, gets an X-ray of its internal workings.

9/13 || Newt & Hermann | Heropa Swear-In: Billy Kaplan, Alice Liddell
Invited to dinner the next day by Newt & Hermann. Does some minor security at the Swear-In, albeit kind of at the last minute.

9/14 || Newt & Hermann
The aforementioned dinner. Qubit gets a crash course in the plot of Pacific Rim. Also, he invites the lads to the first test of his new Porter.

9/15 || Newt & Hermann*
Qubit's Porter fails miserably, but in trying to avoid that he fries every breaker in the Starrware building. Hermann talks it out with him afterwards.

9/16 || Batman
Batman single-handedly captures Crane. Qubit doesn't question his methods.

9/18 || Superman* | Max*
Meets Superman for the first time, freaks the fuck out. Max helps him out with the ensuing emotional breakdown. In the following days, Qubit starts into obsessive research on Superman's capabilities and temperament. He is convinced the guy is the Plutonian reincarnated, but isn't sure what that actually means, either for himself or for Earth.

9/20 || Karen Starr
Accidentally breaks into Karen's apartment, but manages to get a job from her anyway, somehow.

9/21 || Sabriel
Doesn't go on the government mission to Finland, but gets the overview from someone who did.

9/26 || Newt | Hermann & Newt
Hermann accidentally teleports himself to Germany. Somehow this ends up with the three of them attending Oktoberfest together. And what happens in Munich stays in Munich, apparently.

9/27 || Kon | Hermann | Hermann, Newt, & Mako
Kon returns from not being gone. Hermann invites Qubit to go see the blood moon with them, and Mako's there too. It's a nice little outing.


10/01 || Robert Callaghan
Shares results from his failed portal test with Callaghan.

10/03 || The Doctor | Gogo Tomago | George O'Malley | Kanaya | Hiro Hamada
A fault in the network causes a whole bunch of misfired PMs. Gets off to a rollicking good start with the Doctor, and takes Hiro home.

10/04 || Iron Bull
Somehow missed that something went down with Tetsuo, asks about it retroactively.

10/05 || Kanaya | Newt
Kanaya announces that she's going to be a mother. A lesson on Alternian biology follows, and an argument on whether Doctor Who is real.

10/06 || Kaneda | Tetsuo
Tetsuo turns up at last. Qubit found out what he did, and gives him a lecture for the ages, but also fixes his comm so there's that.

10/07 || Kira Yoshikage
Meet the new roommate, Kira! He promises he's not a serial killer or anything.

10/10 || Majority Report
"Thought Police" posters? Seriously?

10/12 || Revan
Volunteers for event security at the next Swear-In.

10/15 || Cisco Ramon
Something something green engineering.

10/16 || Swear-In: Jacob Taylor, Kasumi, Clark Kent, the Doctor, Max & Sabriel
While he's working security for the Maurtia Falls Swear-In, it's attacked by terrorists from an unknown faction. However, the security measures deal with them swiftly.

10/17 || Luc Castellan & Nico di Angelo
Whatever's in the Porter, it's Not Lachesis.

10/20 - 10/21 || Jonathan Crane | Amb. Francis Urquhart
Crane makes a bomb threat from prison, prompting a full sweep of Nonah (which Qubit helps to coordinate).

10/26 || Newt
Newt invites Qubit to the masquerade, somehow convinces him to do something fun.

10/29 || Barry Allen
Superhero costumes and environmentalism.

10/31 || Masquerade: Joaquin Mondragon, the Doctor, Newt, Hazel Lockwood
Has a lovely time at the masquerade. Finally puts names to faces with the Doctor.


11/03 || Manolo Sanchez
For Day of the Dead, talks about someone who's still alive. Possibly the first time he's talked about Kaidan.

11/05 || Norman
Meets the Mighty One's guardian, but somehow manages not to find that out about him.

11/06 || Atomic Robo
Robo wants information on portal attempts, but Qubit doesn't want to divulge it out of the blue.

11/07 || Newt
Mako is missing, and Newt wants to eventually Drift with the Porter.

11/08 || Crane
Guess who's getting out of prison soon! FML.

11/11 || Max | Atomic Robo
Destiny's not a real thing that exists. Time travel totally is, though.

11/14 || Hermann
A frank discussion on the nature of heroism.

11/19 || Newt & Hermann
Testing the Drift.

11/20 || Majority Report | Ford Pines @ Swear-In
Soviets are spreading rumors that they have Lachesis in their power. Also, Qubit works security at the Swear-In again, meets some conspiracy theorist.

11/22 || Aunt Cass | Yang Kangmo
Drops in at the Lucky Cat Cafe. On the way back, encounters some people being harrassed by an imPort at the park.

11/23 || Batman
Straight to voicemail. Crane gets out of prison the next day.

11/26 || Winry Rockbell
Spends Thanksgiving at a mostly-stranger's house because of reasons.

11/29 || Teresa
A frank discussion on secret identities and accountability.

11/30 || Atomic Robo
Robo founds Tesladyne Laboratories.


12/01 || Kaneda | Tetsuo
Kaneda and Tetsuo have a bit of a falling-out. Qubit threatens to cut Tetsuo off if he doesn't clean up his act.

12/04 || The Clairvoyant
Someone claims to have foreknowledge of a fire in Heropa.

12/06 ||

Fires: Kanaya, Gwen, Luc
Swap: Kon, Gansey
Attack: Olive Silverlock, Mitch Hundred
Aftermath: Max Caulfield, Green Lantern Mighty Max
Investigation: Will Graham

A multiple-alarm fire in Heropa draws out a large number of heroes and emergency crews, but it's a trap. Just as the fires are getting contained, everyone's powers are suddenly swapped, and in the confusion, a large paramilitary force appears out of nowhere and starts shooting up the place. Several imPorts and a lot of civilians are killed. (Qubit gets Lucy Pevensie's powers of light manipulation and healing touch.)

12/08 || Mighty Max, Newt & Lucy, Gansey, Karen, Kira, Lucy again, Carolina, the Doctor* | Miles Edgeworth
Qubit's investigation leads him to how the assailants 'ported in, but that still leaves the questions of who and why. Also, tries to find out who's got his powers and his stuff. Edgeworth provides loads of intel, as well.

12/09 || Carolina | Newt & Carolina
The enemy base is located off the coast of Florida. There are lemurs for some reason.

DATE || Kaito Kuroba | Mitch Hundred | Barnaby
Mitch discusses how to prevent this kind of thing in future. Barnaby discusses enemy nanites. Meanwhile, Qubit and Kaito discuss shitty color-coding.

12/12 || Assault on the Cain Cabal's base
Qubit helps with this operation and gets Vigilante status for his trouble. Presumably, he helps with lasers and with disabling the Pillar of Fire.

12/17 || Sora
Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse aren't real, you fool child.

12/23 || George
Christmas plans.

12/24 || Jacob & Raina
A frank discussion on Unsettled status. Qubit can be a little bit of a firebrand.

12/25 || George, Gwen, Jonathan Joestar, Akito, Winry, Moses Sandor, Kanaya*
After helping out at the soup kitchen Christmas evening, Qubit and George go out for a round of drinks. On the way home, they find a litter of puppies. They manage to save the two that are still alive. Gwen decides to foster them personally. Merry Christmas!

12/29 || Kang, Max C, Claire Dearing
Non-human support dinner, as announced on the 11th. Qubit manages to piss off the organizer by getting all butthurt about magic, thus blowing his chance to meet a real live T-rex, but it's still a pretty good time overall.



1/03 || Peter Pan | Kaneda | Miles Naismith | Kaneda | Blue Beetle (Jaime) | Lost Boy Max
Peter Pan murders Tetsuo on live camera and turns Heropa into a mini-Neverland, trapping thousands and manipulating the memories of quite a few imPorts. Qubit comes along on the mission on principle, but he's a bit useless in the face of magic bullshit, much to his chagrin.

1/07 || Komasan
Returns from Neverland to find he has an... interesting new housemate. At least the little guy's cute...?

1/08 || Kira
Kira's not as enthused about Komasan. Especially since he's prone to "making up imaginary friends" (aka he can see Stands, but shhh).

1/09 || Miles Naismith
Naismith has an interesting proposition: an independently funded organization to provide an alternative for imPorts who don't want to register. Qubit supports this idea.

1/10 || Kaidan Alenko | Atomic Robo
There's some tension regarding the fake Lachesis. The USSR claims imPorts have stolen her. However, nobody thinks much of the obviously fabricated reports...

1/11 || Newt
Qubit proposes a nanite study to Newt, though apparently Kang's already broached the subject to him.

1/14 || Kaneda
Goes looking for Tetsuo, winds up giving Kaneda some salient life advice instead.

1/17 || Tetsuo & Kaneda
Tetsuo's powers suddenly come back... at four in the morning, because why would it be otherwise. Qubit makes him a new resonator, since he went and broke the old one.

1/20 || Majority Report | DoD Press Release | Kotetsu | Newt's missing | Karen's missing | The Clairvoyant | Jesse Pinkman
Out of the blue, the Soviet Union declares open war on the United States. Their opening salvo is to abduct 50-odd imPorts, probably via a Porter, and imprison them (supposedly) somewhere in orbit. Two of Qubit's friends - one of them also his boss - are among those missing. The Clairvoyant retroactively predicts this, and Jesse offers his power of power amplification to help.

1/21 || Newt | Naismith | Hermann | Karen | Power Girl | Olivier Armstrong | Bucky Barnes | Kitty Jones | Francis Urquhart | Max C. | Kaneda
Everybody scrambles to figure out how to proceed. Newt, Naismith, Karen, PG, and Max are able to provide info from the inside, as the nanite-based network connection is still intact. Qubit checks in on his friends and gathers information, but also tells off the leader of RISE for not understanding how World War III works.

1/22 || Kang | Hermann (Gdoc) | Sabriel | Qubit | Iron Bull | Manolo Sanchez
By now, doubt is starting to arise that the kidnapped people are actually in space. A few separate efforts are made to compile the intel they collectively have, and there's a lot. Not content to sit and wait for the US government to respond, Qubit makes a call for volunteers to help with a rescue effort. He gets way more volunteers than he knows what to do with.

1/23 || Agito
Agito begins work on securing the nanites from further interference, and on hacking Russian systems.

1/25 || Diplomatic Response (OOC, clarification) | Military Response (OOC) | Max M.
The US offers its official response to the abductions. Several diplomatic teams are sent to appeal to the UN, France, Mexico, and South Korea for support. Meanwhile, intel-gathering efforts begin in eastern Siberia, as well as a raid on a space facility in Lithuania (where, ultimately, it turns out the Soviet Porter LACKEY is located).

1/29 || Team New Zealand | First warship strike | imPort escape and rescue
Of all people, it's Kaneda that leads the charge to recover their abducted brethren. Qubit accompanies them, but I utterly failed to tag him into this part, sooo


2/07 || James T. Kirk
Passes some guy a bunch of information on how this world's quantum physics stack up against accepted norms.

2/08 || Brianna ("The Breeze")
Tells off a kid for superheroing, because that's his job now apparently.

2/10 || Komasan
Dogs can't eat chocolate. Komasan is only sort of a dog, though.

2/11 || Emmett Brown
Talking science with a new housemate, who he doesn't know invented a time machine.

2/15 || Occupation of the imPort cities | News Broadcast | Reaction at Starrware | Max M.
Overnight and under everyone's nose, Soviet sleeper agents take control of the US military installations in the four Porter cities. Max offers to get people out, and Qubit actually doesn't stop him.

2/16 - 2/20 || Perestroika Seminar: Riku
The mandatory seminar takes place. As expected, it's a bunch of horrible brainwashing and propaganda.

2/17 || Newt & Hermann | and again, but later | Kitty Jones
Mexico covertly accepts imPort refugees. Qubit tries to base himself there, but is rewarded for his trouble with the worst stomach flu ever, forcing him back to the seminar for a couple of days. (He escapes again on the 20th.) Meanwhile, he totally buys into Kitty and co's pretend turn to the Communists.

2/23 || Ema Skye & Noah Czerny
A completely unrelated discussion to do with ghosts.


3/04 || Newt | Newt again
Met up with Newt for a pint or three.

3/05 || Death the Kid
Kid went to Debrecen to help survivors, then turned himself in. Why wasn't that you, Qubit?

3/06 || Spock
So I guess Spock's living in his house now. But not Nimoy Spock, some kinda weird off-brand Spock.

3/07 || Max M.
A tiny hobo shows up to crash at the house.

3/10 || Majority Report
Top-level | Komasan | Marty | Kel | Kururu Sumeragi | Qubit | Max M.

Doc throws a house party. Qubit doesn't invite anyone because lbr most of his friends would wreck the place.

3/12 || Magicman AMA | Swear-In: Count Dooku, Kururu, Conan Edogawa, Tetsuo | The Doctor
Carnival-style swear-in goes off without a hitch, until the Doctor accidentally an amnesia bomb.

3/15 || Blue Beetle
You know, just a routine traffic stop.

3/17 || Hermann & Newt
Accidentally sics the nerds on Doc Brown.

3/18 || Duncan Jackson
Nanomachines, son.

3/20 || Majority Report | Tony Stark
Humanitarian tech? Maybe Stark isn't a complete jerk after all.

3/24 || Batman
Begins trying to recruit for the hypothetical superteam. Gets a secret base instead, which is still a pretty good outcome.

3/25 || Akito
Akito might have come up with a way to stabilize interdimensional portals! Good lord, what is this kid?

3/27 || Newt & Hermann | Emmett Brown | The (12th?) Doctor
Pull point plot. Newt and Hermann get sent back in time a dozen years and suddenly hate each other's guts. Qubit suspects localized temporal displacement, and consults his time traveler friends - only they're also affected, WHOOPS.

3/29 || Akito
Akito forgot his own name that's how bad it is.


4/01 || Karen Starr
Touching base.

4/02 || Tony Stark
In which our intrepid hero almost gets himself murdered by Superior Iron Man. Qubit has to go to ground for a few days after this due to Tony tracking his movements.

4/04 || Hiro Hamada
Oh so that's what happened.

4/05 || Six
There's always time for Diet Coke and Mentos.

4/07 || Housemates
Returns home, finally.

4/08 || Tony Stark
But if you slip... I'll know.

4/14 - 4/16 || FANPORT: Kanaya | Newt
Hooray for con! Kanaya divulges some interesting info about Power Girl. Newt reveals he knows about the heads.

4/23 || Marian Hawke
Got accidentally signed up for a blind date with Hawke, somehow, but she was okay with just making it a friend-date. Dammit Newt, quit calling it that.

4/29 || Max M. & Doc Brown
Max stays over at the Nerdhaus again.


5/03 || Akito
Akito might have a way to stabilize the new Porter...

5/06 || Shinya Kogami
On law and/or order.

5/09 || Komasan
Pupper dog likes his holidays. Why don't Americans become youkai?

5/11 || Doc & Marty
Don't really know what happened here, but somebody set some fires in the backyard, apparently.

5/13 || Harley Quinn
Fuckin spammers clogging up our brain network...

5/14 || RECRUITING: Power Girl | Jacob Taylor | Wild Tiger | Blue Beetle | Adm. Naismith
Attempts to recruit some people for the superteam; nobody says yes. But Naismith might be able to fund the secret lab project, at least, so there's that.

5/15 || Kanaya | Dog Party: Komasan, Kel
After taking down a 9-foot werewolf with lots of property damage, Kanaya's in the market for a new chainsaw. Oh and also Komasan threw a party and invited literally everyone and their dog.

5/19 || Tetsuo
Well, at least the kid's showing more interest in science.

5/21 - 5/22 || Swear-In: Mabel, Midnighter, Kaneda
This month's swear-in is the most extravagant yet. But at least we got some experimental DARPA equipment out of the deal.

5/26 || Mitch Hundred
"Senator Hundred" has a nice ring to it, don't you think...?

5/27 || Peter Pan (anon)
Something something redemption? I don't know, it's in the title.


6/03 || Miles Naismith & co.
Negotiating for funding for a secret lab. [Result to come]

6/05 || Nike Lemercier | Doc's paintball test
Learns about Nike's rainmaking ability. Also, accidentally a paintball game.

6/08 || Noah Czerny
No, they are not going to have endangered species at the petting zoo.

6/09 || Newt & Hermann
It's Hermann's birthday!

6/10 || Angela Ziegler | Newt, Komasan, Tony Stark, Charles Xavier, Harrison Wells | "Piotr" Vorkosigan | Jonathan Crane
A magic spell convinces Qubit that his old friends are alive and well, and as a result he immediately sets about making new ones.

6/11 || Newt & Hermann | Doc Brown

6/12 || Marty McFly

6/13 || Sabriel

6/19 || Doc Brown

6/20 || Newt & Joaquin

6/22 || Laurel Lance

6/27 || Tony Stark

6/30 || Wanda Maximoff | Qubit


7/05 || Charles Xavier | Harrison Wells

7/?? || Kasumi & Garrus
Recruiting those last two leads Jacob gave him (finally).

7/20 || Quake in Philadelphia

7/24 || Newt | Harrison

7/29 || Kazuma Mikura


8/01 || Keladry

8/03 || Death the Kid

8/0X || Death the Kid
One last round of recruiting.

8/08 || Mako Mori

8/13 || Angela

8/1X || Qubit
The inaugural meeting of the Superteam.

8/20 || The Doctor

8/23 || Roy Mustang

8/27 || Hermann (re: Calendar Man)


9/01 || Tetsuo

9/03 || Superman

9/05 || Edward Elric

9/08 || Akito | Jacob Taylor

9/12 || Kanaya

9/19 || Daryl Dixon
A common factor emerges: all the affected are Starkphone owners, and use Tony's new app.

9/21 || Professor X & Peter Parker | The Advocates
Xavier and Parker expose Iron Man's plot to spread Extremis into the local population, and try to cut him off from his assets. Qubit mobilizes the Advocates against their first real supervillain.

9/23 || Tony Stark
Iron Man finally drops the pretense, holes up in the StarkTech building while forcing superpowered lackeys to defend the place.


10/01 || Qubit
October catch-all


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