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Qubit, this is Newt.
I don't know if you're reading this, but--look, for the record, I rarely use the damn neural interfacing with the comms and it took a while to remember we could do that and we don't have our phones on us anymore and I just wanted you to know I'm here, wherever here is. In space, I guess. That's what they're telling us. The Russians say we're on the shuttle. But we're literally pissing into a grate on the floor so we're not talking zero-g.

I'm going to tell you what I know or what they tell us and what I think I'm figuring out. I'm trusting you to take this info and do something with it. Come on, Qubit.

Check in on Hermann for me, would you? I'm not--I'm going to try not to info dump on him because I know him. He's going to work himself to death and you know as much as I think you need a day off, you're not as invested in this as he is. You can filter through what I can dump on you and not make this personal in the same way it's way too personal for Hermann.

If-- Tell him I miss him, okay?

There's between 50-60 of us in here. It's tight. It's pretty inhumane. Basically sardines in a metal jail cell. Some of us are in scrubs. I don't know what warranted that. Weapons checks, maybe. There's something call Lackey...I'm thinking AI. It put us here, or claims to have. Not sure if this means the Russians have a Porter, but I'm guessing so. Did we ever figure out what happened to Lachesis? Maybe that needs followup.

I don't know if they're going for a Porter arms race or if they're just trying to steal all of us Imports. They say we belong to the Soviets now.

I don't have powers. I don't think anyone in this room does. What kind of power suppressants (organic or mechanical) I don't know.

We're guarded. They're changing guards out periodically. This facility has to be a lot bigger than a Shuttle would allow.

Anyway, please keep an eye on him. I don't know what-- he's probably disconnected from the Drift because I've been suppressed and you know how nuts it made me to have distance between us and disconnected from the Drift ...we've never tested that before. Christ, Qubit, we've never tested that before. It could kill him. I have no idea what that feels like. It's dead here. Just dead. Nothing but emptiness. Normal, but it feels silent. Comparatively it feels silent, like a house after a house-guest leaves, and I miss him. Tell him I miss him. I miss his dumb presence in my brain. Please tell him that. Tell him he's everything. He'll know that's from me, then.

I hope they don't have you. I hope you're not on another shuttle...SHIT why the fuck am I thinking that now, why didn't I think of that before I sent you this message. Please be safe somewhere, you fucking Morrissey wannabe. Do me a huge favor and check on Hermann and make sure he isn't going mad and please. Don't you die, okay? Really.
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I'm not hurt. I'm without my meds, but not hurt and don't tell Hermann about the meds thing. If it doesn't occur to him to think of that, I don't really want him to know (for the record, it's antidepressants). I haven't seen anyone say they're hurt and so far the guards aren't interested in coming in or anything to hurt us.

If Miles (looks like Hermann but shorter) has figured out how to talk to the comms like this, ask his friend Gregor. Tall, skinny, kind of handsome in a :-( sort of way. Big nose. Quiet, polite. Have not seen him here, so Greg must be on your side of things. Miles was taking headcount, asking for names. I don't if he was successful, but he'd have the best roster. Cosima's here, new girl--pretty, kind of punk rock with nice eyeliner and a nose ring and nice hair. Cute. Into genetics. That kid, Gamesy? I keep calling him Chancy, idk, he had a buddy, chatted with them a few months ago, they're from a prep school or something. His buddy is not here with him. Starr, your boss is here. Uh, there's some kids, some pretty young, like early teens.

--Sidenote: I considered, with "Chancy" and Miles and me here that there was SOMETHING to be said of buddies, of paired sets from the same universe, you know, of the selection process. The Russians claim it was random. I'm not ruling that out, but I'm not ruling out a pattern either, but neither Joaquin nor Manolo are here (I looked), so no to that buddy theory.

--Sidenote: I haven't ruled out a Stalag 17 situation either. Food for thought, especially with Miles/Cosima, and some other newish faces here.

But yeah, basically, if they're missing, they're probably here.

I'll keep you posted. That's the plan. And as much as I want to ask, don't tell me about the rescue. The less I know, I think, the better. The less the Russians maybe know. I mean, if you think it'll help us to know, tell me, but if you think it'll be bad to get into the Soviet hands, don't.

We're being good little prisoners, QB. Angels.

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In a manner. They're feeding us spacefood and other dried things. Seriously, they're committed to selling the lie. But they're just sort of...pushing it in here and letting us figure out divvying it up, though, so it's not like we get too much of an opening to do the cliched escape thing there or anything.

That said: TBH, I don't know enough of these people to say, but I think YOU have most of the soldiers/muscle. Forcing our way out sounds unlikely, except by sheer number, but I think then we'd be shot bottle-necking in the doorway..


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